Sunday, September 14, 2008

Viva la vie Boheme!

RENT on Broadway 1996–2008.

On September 2, Shawn and I traversed 10 New York blocks (from Le Bernardin to the Nederlander Theatre) in 10 minutes to catch the 5th last performance of RENT's broadway run. (This was unplanned; I had read earlier this year that it would be closing in the summer, but a surge in ticket sales after the announcement caused it to be extended until September 7th.) Being a RENT fan from way back (since March 1998), I jumped at the opportunity to see the musical one last time at its Broadway home, as did all there that evening (the audience was clearly 90% hard-core fan or "RENT-head"). But, that night, I also had the distinct and unexpected honour of converting Shawn, 12+ years after RENT's Broadway debut and after nearly 9 years together. Yes, RENT is the gift that keeps on giving.

Thank you Jonathan Larson.

I've attached a clip of "Santa Fe" — not the most popular song (that would be that taught us all how many minutes there actually were in a year), but I think it's cute, and the clip reminds me of being in New York (complete with people singing and dancing on the subway; it happens, and I've seen it).

(More on Le Bernardin another day.)

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