Sunday, October 19, 2008

A week of ups and downs: mood down, productivity up

I've never been a fan of Dancing with the Stars. Not only do I have zero interest in ballroom dancing, I have even less interest in watching "celebrities" take themselves way too seriously.

But Rocco diSpirtito is a different story. During that brief time that the reality show The Restaurant was on the air, I was a huge fan. Maybe even his biggest fan (much to Shawn's chagrin). Since he's been on this season of DWTS, I've managed to watch periodically, but that came to an end this week with his inevitable elimination, made all the more poignant by Rocco's shirt choice.

Also upsetting is the fact that Shawn is out of town at a conference for the next few days. However, that means that my productivity is up, which isn't so bad. I may even embark of my yearly recipe reorganization. Not much cooking though.

It also gives me the chance to watch interesting television like the Superstar Food Stylist Challenge that aired yesterday and today. It was mesmerizing.

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