Sunday, November 30, 2008

Iron Chef: a primer

Here is my overview of the phenomenon that was the original Iron Chef:

1. It was super-serious food competition in which a successful chef is invited to challenge one of the Iron Chefs, each of whom represented a different style of cooking; usually Chinese, French and Japanese. (Occasionally Iron Chef Italian would make an appearance).

2. The challenge itself is based on the preparing of dishes (usually 3 or 4) around a theme ingredient, ostensibly revealed right before competition and frequently exotic.

3. The winner was judged by a (Japanese) celebrity panel of judges. The discussion, dubbed into ubber-proper English, was the height of refined dinner conversation.

3. The competition took place in Kitchen Stadium and was presided over by the insane Chairman Kaga.

The show got extra points for the theme from Backdraft over the closing credits and the fact that Iron Chef French, Hiroyuki Sakai, usually attempted to make ice cream out things that you should never attempt to make ice cream out of (like meat).

Allez cuisine!



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