Monday, January 12, 2009

2008 gift roundup

Look what I got!

I though I would recap some of food-related gift gining that happened in my corner of the world.


The aforementioned FEED bags
Everyday Food: Great Food Fast cookbook (I love these recipes)

I bought this originally for a beginner cook, after being bombarded by the recommendations of my fellow shoppers as I held the book while surveying the cookbook section of the bookstore. When I got home and flipped through it, however, I realized that book was actually meant for an experienced cook with a refined palate and ready access to hard-to-find ingredients — a tall order indeed. So, needless to say, I kept the book.

Sorry, Jamie. We're still cool, though, right?


I received two great food gifts this year:

The Gel Pro chef's mat in the style pictured above. Anyone who reads cooking or decorating magazine knows about these because for the last couple of years these mats have been running ads in the back of all of them.

Check them out here.

Believe the hype, but as Shawn found out, allow three weeks for delivery.

A Williams Sonoma ice cream maker along with an obligation to make ice cream.

I also got some great food books that I'll write about later.


Some office Secret Santa gifts are best kept secret.

Case in point, this year's offering:

However, there is an equally head-scratching Secret Santa, gifted to Shawn two years ago, that I use almost every day — my salt pig.




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