Friday, December 26, 2008

Rethinking the (food) present

The bag and the pouch it folds up into.

So, having abandoned the tradition of homemade food gifts for Shawn's siblings. We bought them each lunch....

for 100.

Simply put: Each FEED 100 bag will provide 100 school meals to hungry children in Rwanda through the UN World Food Program. It's a small gesture when you consider the enormity of world hunger, but every effort counts.

I'd also like to add that despite the fact that I love cooking, giving food gifts to extended family and aquaintances was always tinged with stress and uncertainty for me — Will it be good? Will they like it? Are they allergic to it? Will they eat it before it goes bad? etcetera. And, while these worries might be slightly neurotic, I think I much prefer this new way of celebrating the season with food.

Merry Christmas!



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