Sunday, January 18, 2009

An old friend: Food & Drink magazine

I have been a fan of this magazine, published by the Liquor Control Board of Ontraio (LCBO), for many years, and the current issue does not disappoint. In fact, I am planing to make several of the recipes featured.

Here's my overview of the mag:


The recipes — innovative, delicious and relatively easy to make, and most do not contain alcohol and therefore are not used as simply a ploy to get the customer to buy more product*
It's free!
The recipes are available online (but one issue behind)
The articles (usually about alcohol, but still interesting)

Lowlights (and these are really minor)

It's only available in stores (totally understandable) and they disappear fast
Featured recipes do not always feature in-season ingredients†

The quality of this magazine has not declined since I've been, probably due in part to the fact they have had the same editor-in-chief the entire time.

*From personal experience, a lot of industry-produced recipes contain a shameless amount of their product, often to the detriment of recipe itself. Case in point, this recipe. (As someone who has made it, I can assert: 4 to 5 eggs too many.)
†It once had me running all over town for a variety of fresh herbs in the middle of winter. (I've since learned.)

The current issue is still on stands, and the next is out March 4. I encourage you to pick up a copy.




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