Sunday, February 8, 2009

Magazine (closure) round-up: Goodbye Domino

Domino photo of the Festivus Party buffet.  Menu included: Burgers, cupcakes, Popeye's chicken, Veuve Clicquot and cigarettes (?!). Note: A white plastic Christmas tree isa  prerequisite for throwing this party, and I do own one.  
(Everyone who sees it thinks it's spectacular.)

It's no secret that magazines are folding left and right these days. I also make no secret of my nasty magazine buying habit, which the worsening recession has done little to slow.  So, needless to say, I've had some nasty surprises in the last few months.

First, was the Canadian title Wish, which I frequently purchased. Timing on this one was particularly bad for me because, at the time, I was entered into a contest to win a closet makeover from Wish and Ikea. I'd taken pictures and document in a very clever way (if I do say so myself) why my closets were in desperate need of a makeover. I really thought I had a shot (I have really bad closets).

But, just last week, I got the worst news of all. I found out that, despite my best efforts, my favourite magazine, Domino, could not weather the economic storm.

While Domino was principally a design magazine, it had many features on entertaining and —consequently — food, like the photo above of its quirky and slightly inappropriate Festivus Party (no link to article), and this uniquely British Boxing Day Breakfast.

Oh, Domino, I'll always remember you (for like ever).

I'll be throwing a grilled cheese party in your memory. (All Domino fans welcome to attend. )

In the world of still living magazines. Canadian House and Home, the only magazine I have a subscription to (gifted), has a food article in this month's issue on the "25 things to eat, cook, buy and read in 2009", and I tried one of the featured recipes tonight.

The magazine also boldly declared that "Butter is the new cheese." (Just wanted to pass that along, because I thought you should know.)

Note: Wish's 20-minute supper club still lives on. If you subscribe, every now and then you'll find a recipe that you'll want to try.

Enjoy you week, and support the magazine industry!




ETA: I know, the Domino links are no longer working. That didn't take long..... :-(

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