Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sei what, Gwyneth?

Photo from GOOP. (The stuff that looks like meat is seitan.)

First came news of the amazing curative powers of coconut water, now Gwyneth is spreading the word about a new superfood — seitan.

Never been one to shy away meat substitutes, (I'm a big fan of the Yves line of products) I googled this unfamiliar ingredient.

One of the first hits was from the website of the venerable Real Canadian Superstore chain. There they describe seitan's flavour and texture as "interesting" under the heading "Learning to Enjoy Seitan." Hmm... not terribly enticing, Superstore, but I'm too intrigued not to try it.

I'll attempt a GOOP seitan recipe next week. If I'm feeling really adventurous, I can even make my own seitan from wheat flour.

And, yes Setian also appears to be a punk band. (I'm purposely not linking to their MySpace.)




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