Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Two extremes of the food culture spectrum

Only Slate can make this little guy seem Machiavellian.

I have to plead ignorance. I was not aware of this disturbing food trend.

This is kind of thing that cam turn reasonable people off the idea of having children.

Your kids can have the sidewalks, the food courts, the cool accessories, but they cannot and should not be the next celebrity chefs!

I agree with Slate — this phenomenon has gone too far!

Thankfully, Dlisted introduced me, and I'd imagine many, many others, to something completly different.

Meet Clara, of Depression Cooking (as in Great Depression):

I can't tell you how much I love this series. (Also, I can't help but mention that episode one features the "reduction" pasta cooking style, which happens to be quite trendy right now.) If nothing else, this one-of-a-kind cooking show certainly captures the zeitgeist.

You can subscribe on You Tube, and the webisodes will be available on DVD soon.

Thanks MK!




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