Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where Jamie and I collide: My weird sandwich

I remember, years ago, watching an episode of one of Jamie's shows, I think it was Oliver's Twist, in which Jamie makes a sandwich with cheese and picked onions.

He admitted to the viewer that the combo sounded strange, but assured his audience that it tasted great.

Jamie does this a lot. So, how did I know he was telling the truth this time?

Because I had been making a very similar sandwich for years. I have to credit my grade 11 home ec teacher (formerly the school's football coach) for this recipe.


Grated old cheddar
Sliced olives (with or without pimento)
Just enough mayonaise so that the mixture comes together (should not be goopy!)

Spread filling on toast and serve with Campbell's tomato soup.

If I find Jamie's version, I'll compare our recipes. But, if memory serves, I'm pretty sure that both are equally strange.

Don't knock this until you try it. (I'm sure Jamie would agree.)




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