Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Book club appetizer 2: Dukka

When you propose a menu based on an obscure early 20th-century short story/terrible early 21st- century major motion picture, don't be surprised if someone goes totally off the grid, and brings something unrelated.

This offering is from Egypt.

Here's the web definition that I received:

dukka; dukkah [DOO-kah] An Egyptian spice blend comprising toasted nuts and seeds, the combination of which varies depending on the cook. Dukka usually has hazelnuts or chickpeas as a base, along with pepper as well as coriander, cumin and sesame seeds. The ingredients are ground together until the texture is that of a coarse powder. A relative of Zahtar, Dukka is used in Egypt as a table condiment and as a dip for bread. Sprinkle over meats and vegetables or dip a chunk of your favorite bread into some good olive oil, then into the Dukka for an Egyptian inspired treat. Veggies taste great dipped in it, too!

And the recipe:

DUKKA (Denise's recipe) 


2/3 cup blanched almonds
4 tsp sesame seeds
2 tsp turmeric
1 tsp celery salt
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp ground coriander
Pinch of cayenne pepper


In a mini-chopper, grinder, or food processor, grind the almonds into small pieces. Add the other ingredients and mix well.

Serve in a small plate along with good quality olive oil and fresh crusty bread.

Notes: Dukka can be kept in a covered container for up to one month in the pantry or three months in the freezer. The version I tried was made with non-blanched, roasted, non-salted almonds. Potluck is about inclusion; all comers are welcomed with open arms.




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