Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can movies be inspiring?

The kitchn.com proves they can. Even bad ones. For the last few years, around Oscar time, they post recipes inspired by the year's best in film. This year's offering, entire menus centered on each nominated film, is nothing short of brilliant.  (This is the post I wish I could have written.)

I had the occasion  to sample one of the dishes from their The Curious Case of Benjamin Button menu on Sunday, at the dinner meeting of my office's book club. I had suggested we read the short story on which the film is based (by my favourite author) at our Christmas lunch amid much hype about the upcoming movie.

Talk about things you regret doing at the office Christmas party!

The story as spare as it is, is still fascinating, but I thought the movie was terrible — uncomfortably reminiscent of Forrest Gump.

That, however didn't stop me from forging ahead with a Benjamin Button/New Orleans theme for our potluck-style get together.

I will be posting everyone's contribution. (They mostly stuck to the script.)




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