Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cataloguing inspiration

Nothing is quite so inspiring as the first days of spring. Especially when you live in Canada. (see the Snowmageddon posts.)

I, however am inspired by a lot of different things, and everything I cook is based on inspiration of some form.

By far, my biggest day-to-day influence is magazines.

I've spoken about my love of magazines before. But I haven't confessed that my loves extends as far as cutting them up and cataloguing their contents by recipe type in nine water-resistant volumes on a yearly basis. That might sound a little obsessive and time consuming (it is), but trust me many of these recipes would be lost to me if I didn't do this.

Tools of trade: Scissors or a paper cutter, three-ring binders with spine labels, card stock, a glue stick, sheet covers (to protect the recipes while cooking), patience.  

There are many other things that influence my cooking, but you tell me: What inspires you in the kitchen?




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