Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This is new...

Looks like America's Test Kitchen is piloting a new magazine (that I couldn't resist picking up). It's a series of 64 tear-out recipe cards that each feature a 30-minute supper recipe, and this format marks quite a departure for them.

For those of you  not familiar with America's Test Kitchen, one of my all-time favorite cooking shows, you should definitely check out some of the clips here. (You have to register to see a lot of the content.) They've also put out a ton of cookbooks.

I'll just say this about ATK: if cooking shows could have personality disorders this one would have a serious case of OCPD (not always a bad thing when it comes to food).

And yet, there is no trace of its over-the-top culinary perfectionism in the new publication; no endless meat brining.

What are they up to?




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