Monday, September 28, 2009

Ashley's basil gnocchi: Still getting creative with pasta

Just when I said I don't make my own pasta, I go and make gnocchi from scratch!

I feel justified, however, because a) there's a huge shortcut in this recipe that I couldn't resist passing along, and b) I had a lot very ripe tomatoes on my hands.

The tomatoes came from a colleague's garden, so I had to use them. (That's right, not only do the people I work with bring me recipes, they occasionally supply the ingredients. As if that weren't enough, some of them actually read this blog, yet curiously, they do not comment. Love my job!)

The first half-basket of tomatoes went into Giada's incomparable Little Thimbles Scuie Scuie. The second half, into this recipe that substitutes the mashed potatoes of the traditional recipe with the instant variety, and was recently featured as part of a set recipes, developed in the Food Network Kitchens, that feature instant mash as the star ingredient.

This particular recipe was created by chef Ashley Archer. I followed it pretty much to the letter and it was delicious, so I'm just linking it: ASHLEY'S BASIL GNOCCHI.





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Anonymous said...

Hi Kristen - I was a bit skeptical about anything with instant mashed potatoes tasting good, but I tried this tonight and YUM!! It was also easier than I expected to make, with the exception that I ended up using a lot more flour than called for... without it, the dough was too sticky to work with.

Good blog - keep posting!