Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last week's leftovers: Week of 9/20/09

Last week:

The Guardian introduced me to the above fascinating 2007 video of Christopher Walken making a chicken. I want to see a series!

At the farmer's market adapted 60's protest songs performed by the Friends of Lansdowne Park warned of the suburbanization of downtown Ottawa, more specifically, this group believes that "this sole-sourced, mega project that will cost City taxpayers millions of dollars, commercialize public land, create a transportation and parking nightmare, and have a huge, negative impact on neighboring communities." Developers claim that these fears are unwarranted, but still I get my back up at the mention of "suburbs," and I’m not willing to lose my farmer’s market while a mega-mall is built on its site (regardless of what the finished product will look like). Public consultations begin tomorrow.

Via twitter "Luigi," the animated character that has been guiding patrons around the construction morass of Preston St.,  made an ill-timed announcement that he will be "taking some time to focus on being a chef." What he needs to do is take some time to help out the construction crew because the street has never looked worse. Progress has moved at a snail's pace, and sooo many people want to see this work completed.

This lime cake was delicious.

Over at Gawker I saw gross photos of real German food (and they got a book deal?!), and I read about Germany’s worst job in the Times. This effectively killed whatever interest I had in attending Oktoberfest, which means that now I’ll have to find some other way to meet George Wendt (it's on my life list.) ;-)




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