Sunday, November 15, 2009

Continuing on the journey...

Clearly, I was not ready to leave the Phillipines last week.

I was extremely busy tackling the problem of unregulated antibiotic use in livestock... for my biotech class. Also, I'm having camera problems; with the autofocus function in particular (as if you couldn't tell).

I did, however, make a good faith effort to find avocado ice cream, another Filipino delicacy, this week. That was the excuse I used to visit T&T, the popular Asian food superstore that just opened its first Ottawa location. I was busy (we had to line up to get in), and sadly there was no avocado ice cream, but there was a whole wall of shrimp chips. (More about my obsession with shrimp chips in a future post.)

If you would like to try making avocado ice cream for yourself, I suggest giving this recipe a try from the blog Velveeta Ain't Food. (It's been on my list of recipes to try for a while now.)

All that to say that we are definitely traveling to Kenya this week. Will post about the regional dish that we enjoyed this evening early in the week.

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