Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Inspiration from El Salvador

Off season, off topic...

In school did you ever fail an assignment for maybe drifting off topic? Well, that's kinda what happened with this week's cooking assignment, only the result was delicious.

I had planned to make a recipe from El Salvador, but finding little inspiration and a lot of meat in the Salvadoran recipes I was finding online, I instead took the flavours of El Salvador as my inspiration and found something that I could really get excited about cooking. I was drawn to this recipe — MASA CORN CAKES WITH POACHED EGGS, on the Food Network website because the cakes looked like pupusas — Salvadoran stuffed masa flatbread. I didn't really alter this recipe, excluding only the cilantro* in the salsa.

Straying just a little from my subject in this case was anything but a recipe for failure. In fact, taking inspiration from one culture's cooking and adapting it to suit a different environment and culture is nothing new. It's how we got Italian-American cooking — a style entirely its own. And just think — where would we be without Olive Garden?

Oh, and another thing about getting an F — apparently it's a good indicator of your potential as a  blogger. If I'd have known that I would have starting blogging 10 years ago when I was still in school. I would have been at the forefront!



*'cause it's disgusting.

Check out the good work that the WFP is doing in El Salvador.


Char said...

You're absolutely right about cilantro being disgusting. According to this article, we're in good company: even Julia Child hated cilantro & said it had "kind of a dead taste."

Kristen said...

Great article, Char! And, I'll definitely be visiting But, a genetic cause would explain a lot. I used to think people who hated broccoli were crazy until I learned about the green-hating gene.

Sooo glad I'm not a "super-taster" and in good company with you and Julia!