Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This year's food gift finds

This year I stumbled upon a couple of unique food-related gift ideas that I thought were worth a post.

"The world's largest gummy bear" (ad featured above) kept coming up in search results when I Googled "gifts for kids" or "gifts for teens." It is quite simply 5 pounds of gummy bear. I found it odd that they were so aggressively marketing that kind of thing. I mean, wouldn't word get out amongst the gummy bear crowd?

My other curious gift discovery was that the Internet series Cooking with Coolio, which I've posted about before, has spawned a cookbook, out just in time for the holidays. Even more puzzling — Newsweek did a feature on it! I guess that unlikely series has finally come in to its own.

I hope Santa's good to you all!

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