Tuesday, January 5, 2010

With friends like cheese

I came into quite a bit of cheese recently. But, the why and the how aren't nearly as interesting as what I did with my cheese, which was devote my holiday cooking to finding the perfect recipes with which to highlight them. Here they are:

SMOKED SALMON AND BRIE QUICHE from the Winter 2006 issue of Food & Drink. The preamble mentions that this is a tried and true recipe, which means I shouldn't have stressed when the quiche looked over-filled and the egg mixture started to leak under the crust. There's a reason old recipes get to be old recipes — serious cooks don't mess around.

It came together fabulously. It probably helped that I used the creamiest Canadian Camembert and salmon caught by uncle Bob — uncle Bob doesn't mess around.

BLUE CHEESE MAC & CHEESE — I found a great recipe that incorporates blue cheese into the traditonal mac and cheese recipe on The District Domestic blog.

I used two types of blue cheese for the blue  component of the recipe, 1 1/2 cups of double smoked cheddar and 1 cup of a soft goat cheese with a vegetable ash. (I would have given you the exact names of cheeses used had I written them down before hastily ditching the wrappings.) When combining cheeses like this, it's a good idea to say a little prayer to the cheese gods — it's difficult (even for experienced cooks) to gauge exactly how flavors will come together, though it's much safer to stick with the milder blue cheeses.

Last but not least, inspired by this recipe, I topped pizza dough with Dubliner cheese (a new favourite cheese discovery), sliced pears, arugula and fresh ground pepper.
Hope you enjoyed reading about how I ate way too much cheese this holiday season!




Char said...

Those all sound fabulous, and I must try the mac & cheese very soon... nothing sounds better than blue cheese mac & cheese! And I love Dubliner cheese - to which I was only recently introduced myself.

Char said...

ps - did you see this article about deep fried mac & cheese?