Sunday, April 4, 2010

Matzo math

A delicious Passover/Easter treat

Finally, math I can get behind! 

In searching for the matzo brei recipe that I'd planned to make this week, I stumbled on this recipe for Nutty Chocolate Matzo Crunch that I couldn't resist trying. 

If you're unfamiliar with matzo it is essentially a giant cracker — an unleavened bread made from just  flour and water, and a traditional Passover food. There's not much to it flavourwise, but it's a fun ingredient to cook with. Just check out all the matzo recipes on alone. 

Matzo crunch, as you can guess from my illustration above, is very simple to make — just 5 minutes prep and 15 to set. My milk chocolate was too thick to drizzle so I spread it on the matzo. I'd liken the finished product to chocolate covered pretzels only lighter and more righteous. 

After reading a Slate article on Passover price-fixing that referenced matzo priced as high as $24 a box, I was thankful mine only cost $4.95.  Seriously, $24? What kind of math is that?

Happy Easter and Passover!



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