Thursday, May 27, 2010

My "Z-shield"

I can't take credit for this tip.

While I do have the occasional bright idea, I'm not a super-genius like the person who thought to seal an iphone in a Ziplock bag to protect it from the elements while still being able to use it. I can, however, do my part by helping to spread the word about its remarkable utility in the kitchen.

The "Z-shield" is an important discovery for many reasons, among them:

— cooking is messy (at least it is for me);
— iphones are very expensive to replace and not something the average owner could easily go without for any length of time;
— I hate having to print off recipes that I find online; and, finally
— there are just too many great cooking apps not to use your iphone in the kitchen for fear of damaging it (I'm currently loving Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals – $7.99 [the Cadillac of cooking apps, complete with video how-tos]; the new David Leibovitz app – free; and, of course, the expansive recipe archive that is the iphone version of Epicurious – free)

Ziplock bags are also cheap, reusable and I hear that the extra large size works great for the ipad.




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