Monday, September 20, 2010

Best of summer 2010

And what a summer it was! There were stifling heatwaves. Except in San Francisco, where it was freezing.

It was also very busy for me, causing my posts to be a little more spaced out than I would have liked. Luckily that busy work proved to be worth it. In two weeks I start an exciting new job, which will include, among other responsibilities, blogging! For a living!

I did, however, still manage to squeeze in a bit of cooking through it all.

I discovered the best corn chowder recipe ever from the inspiring Mark Bittman, which I made twice with corn fresh off the cob (above). The naked cobs are boiled to make the soup stock.

I cheated on my regular crab cake recipe with a new spicier one. The dressing mirrors the ingredients in the cake for a symbiotic and delicious effect.

I finally found a veggie burger I could get excited about. This recipe from the 20 minute supper club is the opposite of bland (and uses corn chips as a novel binder). But, you do need to serve these in pitas as the recipe recommends. I used buns instead (because of my perceived inability to keep pita bread from molding), but the burgers didn't hold together enough for that, and the result was quite messy.



I used my tried-and-true shortcut ravioli technique to put together this beautiful sweet beet ravioli.

And, last but not least, I continued my quest for the perfect grilled cheese. Pictured left is a granny smith, smoked cheddar and caramelized onion combo on walnut bread. Another winner was cheese curd* and butternut squash chutney on brioche. 

What did you cook this summer? 

*The guys at the Piggy Market informed me that, contrary to popular belief (and the assertions of Health Canada), you should not refrigerate cheese curd; just store in a cool dry place. Who knew?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Excellent news! (kind of)

In case you haven't heard: 

Domino magazine is back online!!! The old website was taken down shortly after the magazine folded in Jan 2009, but its content is being slowly being resurrected at; recipes too! Just in time for tomato season, here's the Domino tomato slideshow!!! (Wow, I'm really excited about this development.)

In other mag news, Gourmet recently went (more) digital with "Gourmet Live" its much anticipated iPad app. Check it out:

Oh yeah, and Gourmet is also back in print. (!!!) Kind of. It's back in newsstand-only special edition form with one just released (pictured above) and two planned for next year.

Next to the these two great monthlies coming back in all their glossy glory, this is the best publishing news this girl could ask for.