Monday, September 20, 2010

Best of summer 2010

And what a summer it was! There were stifling heatwaves. Except in San Francisco, where it was freezing.

It was also very busy for me, causing my posts to be a little more spaced out than I would have liked. Luckily that busy work proved to be worth it. In two weeks I start an exciting new job, which will include, among other responsibilities, blogging! For a living!

I did, however, still manage to squeeze in a bit of cooking through it all.

I discovered the best corn chowder recipe ever from the inspiring Mark Bittman, which I made twice with corn fresh off the cob (above). The naked cobs are boiled to make the soup stock.

I cheated on my regular crab cake recipe with a new spicier one. The dressing mirrors the ingredients in the cake for a symbiotic and delicious effect.

I finally found a veggie burger I could get excited about. This recipe from the 20 minute supper club is the opposite of bland (and uses corn chips as a novel binder). But, you do need to serve these in pitas as the recipe recommends. I used buns instead (because of my perceived inability to keep pita bread from molding), but the burgers didn't hold together enough for that, and the result was quite messy.



I used my tried-and-true shortcut ravioli technique to put together this beautiful sweet beet ravioli.

And, last but not least, I continued my quest for the perfect grilled cheese. Pictured left is a granny smith, smoked cheddar and caramelized onion combo on walnut bread. Another winner was cheese curd* and butternut squash chutney on brioche. 

What did you cook this summer? 

*The guys at the Piggy Market informed me that, contrary to popular belief (and the assertions of Health Canada), you should not refrigerate cheese curd; just store in a cool dry place. Who knew?

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