Monday, September 13, 2010

Excellent news! (kind of)

In case you haven't heard: 

Domino magazine is back online!!! The old website was taken down shortly after the magazine folded in Jan 2009, but its content is being slowly being resurrected at; recipes too! Just in time for tomato season, here's the Domino tomato slideshow!!! (Wow, I'm really excited about this development.)

In other mag news, Gourmet recently went (more) digital with "Gourmet Live" its much anticipated iPad app. Check it out:

Oh yeah, and Gourmet is also back in print. (!!!) Kind of. It's back in newsstand-only special edition form with one just released (pictured above) and two planned for next year.

Next to the these two great monthlies coming back in all their glossy glory, this is the best publishing news this girl could ask for.

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