Monday, January 2, 2012

2011's food highlights (and lowlights)


High – Char's New Year's Levée. I look forward to this spread all year.

These photos are actually from this year's party (Levée 2012).
Last year's pics just didn't do it justice.


Low – Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes.

This needs no explanation.


High – Nigellapalooza, of course.


Low – Worrying about being eaten by a bear in Whistler, and other typical conference-related concerns.

Highs – Vancouver restaurants:

Enjoying impeccable French-inspired (and after-dinner chocolate crocodiles) at Le Crocodile.

Putting the C in sustainable seafood.

Mixing and matching tasting plates at one of Vancouver's more daring addresses.

...and Shawn's first trip to Red Robin (in Victoria).



Low – Canadians say goodbye to Jack Layton with Orange Crush on Parliament Hill.


High – Winning the foursquare mayorships of Kinko Sushi Bar and Pelican Grill.

Low – Losing the foursquare mayorships of Kinko Sushi Bar and Pelican Grill.


High – Paris.

That's right, I totally went to Paris this year. And, while I really missed breakfasts and vegetables (both of which were in short supply), Paris was the site of many of this year's finest food moments.

La Praluline — brioche studded with pink pralines — was breakfast on more than one occasion.

We had dinner at Au Pied de Cochon — a Belle Epoch brasserie in Les Halles that specializes in pig's feet (obviously) and, interestingly, Canadian shellfish.

(Complimentary pig-shaped meringues prove they've got their branding down.)  

We made a cameo at Le Grand Colbert, the Palais Royale restaurant that made a cameo in the movie Something's Gotta Give

Apparently, Paris is known for its couscous restaurants, and Chez Omar,
one of the more famous, was just steps from our apartment in the Marais.

Our only recommendation was Le Polidor, a historic Bistro in the Latin Quarter that I only realized after the fact had been used in Midnight in Paris, one of my favourite movies this year.

We even found a vegetarian restaurant — Le Grenier de Notre Dame. Opened in 1978, it purports to be Paris' oldest vegetarian restaurant. We ate there twice. It was like a little piece of Berkeley in central Paris.

And, If I didn't already know what sparked the French Revolution, I would suspect that this giant chocolate gorilla in the window of Patrick Roger Chocolatier had something to do with it.

More impressive than the Eiffel Tower, if you ask me.
Low – Parisians say goodbye to Steve Jobs with apples at the Mac store in the Louvre.

Yes. There's a Mac store in the Louvre.


High – World Usability Day! Proof that I'll use any excuse to bring cupcakes to work.

Low – Becoming addicted to Punchfork and Pinterest's Food and Drink category to the occasional detriment of my personal productivity.


High – Sabering.You'd think that after a few years of tracking food trends, a person might get jaded. But, no. I am obsessed with trying this.

Low – Realizing that a weekly food blog might not be the best or most sustainable channel for my creative expression. (Okay, I guess we both know that really happened at some point this summer.)

All the best to you and yours in 2012!

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